Innovative geochemical services offered by Mansa Engineering are useful for both the exploration and environmental industries. Geochemical techniques from Mansa Engineering are used in environmental assessments for precise and economical site characterizations as well as in the petroleum industry to lower exploration risk.

At Mansa, we leverage the expertise of our Geoscientists with experience in the research, development, execution and interpretation of various geochemical techniques utilized in environmental studies, petroleum and minerals exploration.

Studies within environmental geochemistry division include soil gas studies, light hydrocarbon analyses, high resolution GC C5+ (Pentane-Xlenes) Hydrocarbon analysis/soil vapour and/or water, chlorinated hydrocarbons, analysis for fixed gas (CO2, O2, N2), High resolution Gas Chromatography of product and soil extracts, mapping and interpretation.

Other services we provide include:

  • Advisory services on seismic data acquisition and decision-based seismic processing
  • Expert Loop-level Seismic Interpretation Services including 2D, 3D, 4D and 4 Component.
  • Integration of Seismic Data with Geological Depositional Concepts
  • Integration of Seismic and Well data
  • Basin, Field and Regional Studies and Exploration Support