Our standards govern everything we say and do during our daily activities.

We have an individual and shared responsibility to act with integrity, transparency, and commitment in order to generate and establish a trusted relationship with all our stakeholders, and these Principles are our guide to fulfilling that responsibility.

Excellent Customer Service

  • We focus on value-added solutions to our customers, in a transparent manner.
  • We develop relationships of trust and mutual benefit with every customer.
  • We nurture constructive collaboration with our clients and subcontractors.

Operational Excellence

  • We aim to provide our customers with products and services that meet their specific needs.
  • We do not promise what we cannot deliver and aspire to ensure that clients, shareholders, partners, and employees trust us in keeping our word.
  • We are committed to protecting the health, safety, and security of employees and contractors.

Ethical and Responsible Management

  • We develop policies and internal standards to ensure compliance.
  • We require all employees to act with personal integrity and prohibit all forms of bribery.
  • We do not tolerate fraudulent behavior or activities, permit promising, offering, or giving any benefit or advantage of any nature to persons, to influence any kind of decision.

Environmental Commitment

  • We seek to protect the environment as essential to sustainable development
  • We recognize our responsibility to minimize any negative impact on the environment.
  • We work with subcontractors to comply with all environmental regulations in Ghana

  • These principles are directed towards everyone who forms part of this company, independent of where we perform our activities or of our specific role or function in the company. These principles are also directed at our suppliers and business partners, with the goal that our principles are complied with throughout the entire value chain.

Mansa Engineering’s business principles have been formulated as an extension of our values, guidance, and mission increasing transparency and describing the way we act while achieving our business goals.