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What is LI 2204

LI2204 which is also known as The Ghana Local Content and Local Participation Bill 2013 requires that Ghanaians should be prioritised in terms of employment in the petroleum industry, and should benefit from the country's resources. The law is expected to ensure that Ghana's natural resources benefit Ghanaians, while also allowing foreign oil companies to reap fair returns on their investment.

Here at Mansa Engineering, we strive to incorporate the intent of LI 2204 to every project we carry out. Knowledge transfer and expertise of our professional and technical staff remains the driving force of our company’s dream of developing skills and training Ghanaians.

Mansa Engineering takes seriously the impact local content has on the Oil and Gas industry for Ghana. Our goal is to continue to actively support Ghana’s Petroleum Commission and national effort to engage local companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to participate in developing our natural resource.

Every project we embark on, is geared towards creating a sustainable learning curve and the window to transfer knowledge among our clients, subcontractors and all of our employees.