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Mansa Engineering secures Hazardous Area Maintenance project.

A client required the provision of Ex-Certified Equipment & Remediation Services to ensure safe operations onsite. Mansa Engineering was the best fit for the project due to their high level of skilled labor in areas relating to observation and maintenance of Hazardous Areas.

The main objective of this project was for the Mansa Engineering team to provide high-quality, competent, and certified personnel that would provide useful inputs and feedback to the ongoing Integrity management of the Facilities. Our team had to ensure that a robust and comprehensive Ex Certified Equipment Inspection Strategy was Implemented to enable the success of the entire project.


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Client Awards Crane Maintenance Project

In April 2021 Mansa Engineering will begin a Crane Maintenance project to maintain crane integrity, reliability, and availability. In addition to this, the needed competent service provider is highly capable in the management of risks associated with the operations and maintenance of offshore ship cranes to ensure safe operations onsite.

Mansa Engineering, having the adequate skilled personnel with the necessary experience to help alleviate such a burden, put their hat into the race to provide the requested service. The general scope involved all aspects of Crane and Fixed Lifting Maintenance Services, including the Starboard Appleton SB600-66 Diesel-Hydraulic Stick Boom Crane and Starboard and Port Liebherr BOS 2600-25 D LIT Diesel-Hydraulic Pedestal Crane


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COVID-19 Vaccination at George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center

As of Thursday 4th March 2021, more than 600 residents received COVID-19 vaccines at the George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center (GAOMC) in Akyawkrom. This was scheduled as the first phase of a much-anticipated vaccination drive that prioritized frontline healthcare workers and people over the age of 60.  
Ghana began its COVID-19 vaccine campaign with 600,000 AstraZeneca doses on Monday 1st March 2021. The vaccination drive was made possible through the global COVAX vaccine-sharing initiative aimed at providing vaccines to developing nations and ensuring equitable access to help compact the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative made Ghana the first country in the world to receive vaccines through the COVAX facility.  
The George and Angelina Owusu Medical Center (GAOMC) in Akyawkrom, Ashanti Region, was selected as a central vaccination center in the Ejisu Municipality as part of the Ghana Ministry of Health’s vaccination distribution drive.  

The Medical Center has been in operation since January 2017, with the construction of the facility and its infrastructure entirely funded by Mr. George Owusu, CEO of Mansa Engineering Limited, and Mrs. Angelina Owusu. Through a strategic partnership with the Sanford World Clinics, the medical facility has been providing quality healthcare for the residents of Akyawkrom and its environs.  
As part of a broader medical outreach in the country, the George and Angelina Foundation, and Sanford World Clinic will keep supporting the Ghana COVID-19 vaccination program at GAOMC for the most vulnerable and at-risk population in Akyawkrom and the Ejisu Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

Source: Owusu Foundation

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